The best Side of Scientology

The best Side of Scientology

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I obtain this announcement intriguing. When I was IN, one rarely noticed these bulletins for no matter what reason or simply because you “in no way announce a departure” bullshit.

The fabric contained within the OT stages has become characterized as negative science fiction by critics, while some claim it bears structural similarities to gnostic assumed and ancient Hindu beliefs of generation and cosmic wrestle.[185][425] Melton indicates that these factors of the OT amounts may never are actually intended as descriptions of historical functions Which, like other religious mythology, they may have their real truth from the realities of the body and mind which they symbolize.

Journalist John Sweeney documented that "When earning our BBC Panorama movie Scientology and Me I have been shouted at, spied on, had my lodge invaded at midnight, denounced like a 'bigot' by star Scientologists, Mind-washed—that's the way it felt to me—within a mock up of a Nazi-model torture chamber and chased around the streets of Los Angeles by sinister strangers".[286] Violation of auditing confidentiality

This is certainly a major variety of deaths in a group of individuals that possibly figures not more than 100, and that is currently being pretty form.

"Personal integrity is recognizing what you understand. What you already know is exactly what you know and also to possess the courage to grasp and say what you might have noticed".- LRH from Particular Integrity

It may be the failure of people to acknowledge and receive this excellent fact which allows the throughout the world religious deception and division to persist by advertising and marketing spiritual disunity amongst people.

That just about proved to me that OT’s are manipulated into expending a lot of cash and many years of their lives likely up the bridge for no powers more than everything. Then to hitch workers In any case that? That is certainly outrageous and intentionally designed by the covert tech of L Ron Hubbard. That is Just extra evidence OT’s do not turn into at result in over MEST. They only grow to be delusional. Staff members explained to me the Executive Directors, Chad Lane and Matt Hanses, milked a lot of cash from Fran Turner over time. Some day I hope they get up. They may be hurting people today. While very poor Fran had delusions of Tremendous powers, Fran only weitere Informationen exhibited stupid powers.

The Church of Scientology argues that Scientology is a genuine religious motion that has been misrepresented, maligned, and persecuted.

OT accomplished auditors are folks who should not be dying at All those ages for every all the things they’ve completed in and with the cult. Its physical universe Opposite facts on Display screen of their parlance, if they may only seem.

Being a Norwegian I'm stunned. I failed to Believe our govt experienced the balls. I understand it won't seem like Significantly, but They may be showing true defiance.

Don't forget: Romans ten and become a seeker but watch out. Specifically in these moments There are tons of Wrong teachers roaming about.

Together with the Church of Scientology's ask for to generally be officially identified for a religion in Germany, all-around 1996 the German condition Baden-Württemberg carried out a radical investigation from the group's functions in just Germany.[390] The final results of this investigation indicated that at time of publication, Scientology's major resources of profits ("Haupteinnahmequellen Quelle der SO") were being from program choices and income of their many publications.

The money they make is place back into spreading That concept. That is why the Norwegian word for non-revenue is "ideell organisasjon". It doesn't suggest that people who function inside the organisation Really don't receives a commission both.

There was One more Foothills Mission man who died quite a few several years ago at a younger age of most cancers. My memory of names is undesirable and so his escapes me at this time. But he was quite Lively in his band and so they done lots of locations and he was a good musician. (Given that I’m typing I sieh dir diese Seite an am reminded of A different musician from exact same mission who died youthful, Marty Butwinick).

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